Pushing the frontiers of Robotics Research

With over 25 state-of-the-art research labs on robotics and autonomous systems, ASU drives positive change in society by collaboratively pursuing advancements in robotics technologies, systems and education. A robust community of faculty, students and researchers solves problems more quickly and effectively and expands its impact by establishing high-quality research relationships with industry, government and the public. At ASU, we nurture the next generation of robotics researchers through innovative educational practices, in-lab experiences and mentoring in entrepreneurship that create opportunities for students to develop their creative abilities, trains them to be skilled problem solvers and prepares them to establish themselves in the robotics community and in industry.

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  • human-robot interfaces

  • prosthetics

  • exoskeletons

  • control systems

  • system dynamics

  • cyberphysical systems

  • human-systems integration

  • artificial intelligence

  • swarm robotics

  • soft robotics

  • rehabilitation robotics

  • wearable and assistive robotics

  • computer vision

  • foldable robotics

  • bio-robotics

  • perception

  • robot grasping

  • autonomous vehicles

  • unmanned aerial systems

  • human-swarm interaction