CPT and internship information

The Robotics and Autonomous Systems degree program allows students to complete a maximum of three semesters of internship as CPT. Please be aware that completing more than 12 months of internship revokes the use of OPT.

Catalog description of Internship (CSE/EEE/MAE/EGR 584): Work performed in an industrial setting that provides practical experience and adds value to the classroom and research learning processes.

Each department has different deadlines on when you can submit your internship paperwork to them for processing. Please follow the submission deadlines:

Artificial Intelligence concentration: Processing timeline information can be found on this website. Use the RAS forms below.

Electrical Engineering concentration: Please submit your CPT application to your assigned advisor at least 3 weeks before the start of your internship.

Mechanical and Aerospace concentration: The deadline to submit your CPT forms can be found on this website. Use the RAS forms below.

Systems Engineering concentration: Processing timeline information can be found on this website. Use the RAS forms below.

CPT Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for CPT, you need to meet ISSC’s and the Robotics and Autonomous Systems degree’s eligibility requirements:

  • Be enrolled in your current degree program for a minimum of one academic year
  • Internship credit should be listed on your iPOS
  • You must receive academic credit for your internship
  • You must have a physical presence on campus during the spring or fall semester

For more information, please refer to the ISSC CPT website.

  • You must be a full time on campus F1 student
  • Your GPA must meet minimum requirements stated in the Handbook
  • You must have an approved iPOS on file with the appropriate CPT credits listed in the appropriate semester(s)
  • You must not have completed all of your required coursework or required credits
  • Refer to the handbook for specific restrictions on out of state internships during the fall and spring semesters
  • Students cannot be an RA or TA when on an internship

For more information, please refer to the appropriate student handbook

RAS CPT Policies

Student who wish to complete an internship need to be aware of several key pieces of information.


Internships cannot start before the semester or session students enroll in the CPT credit (CSE/EEE/MAE/EGR584). For example, if you are interested in doing an internship in the summer semester, you cannot start working until the summer semester officially starts (1st day of classes).

Internship end dates can be the last day of classes and last until the day before classes start in the following semester (unless it is the student’s final semester- contact your academic advisor).   Refer to the Academic Calendar for dates.

2. Registration for internship must be done in the appropriate registration periods. Late registration is not permitted and there are no exceptions.
3. If you are an RA or a TA, you cannot do an internship while you are employed by the department.
4. If you are an MS Thesis student, your faculty mentor needs to approve of your internship and will need to sign the Registration Request form.
5. You cannot do CPT if you have completed all of your degree requirements. If you have completed all of your degree requirements and are about to graduate, you should apply for Pre-OPT instead of CPT. Please speak to your ISSC for more information.
6. After the internship period ends, a minimum two-page report is required before a grade and credit is given. Please see the RAS CPT report cover page for instructions on what should be included in the report.
7. Renege Policy – It is unethical for students to continue to seek or consider other employment opportunities once an offer has been accepted.  You must stop looking once you accept an offer.


Instructions and Checklist

If you meet the eligibility criteria listed above, please follow these instructions:

1. Review CPT procedures on the ISSC website
2. Review RAS internship information in the RAS graduate student handbooks
3. Confirm Internship (CSE/EE/MAE/EGR 584) is on iPOS for appropriate semester(s).

Verify SPA (Student Placement Agreement) is in place. Go to the Engineering Career Center SPA website

• Follow the instructions to check if the company has an SPA

• You will receive an email either confirming the company does have an SPA, or one stating that they do not, with instructions for the company to follow to start the process. Save this email because you will need to upload it with your CPT application.


Review and complete the required RAS internship forms at the bottom of this page:

• Internship Registration Request

a.    Obtain faculty mentor signature on the registration request form (Thesis students only)

• Employer Letter

a.    The Employer Letter should be completed by the student and sent to the employer for signature


Submit the CPT documents to the Course Override Request Tool

  • Initiate a request for CSE/EEE/MAE/EGR 584 here
  • Upload the following documents

a.    Internship Registration Request

b.    Employer Letter

c.    Email from the Engineering Career Center regarding the SPA


The department will review your documents

  • While in review the status will be pending. Do not contact your advisor while your documents are in review.
  • If we need additional documentation you will receive an email with a link to upload the document requested
  • If you need to correct your form(s) your override request will be denied, you will need to make corrections and initiate the override request again.
  • Once approved you will receive an email stating your request has been approved.  You will need to register for the internship (CSE/EEE/MAE/EGR 584) 1 credit

After Department Approval


After your internship is approved you will receive notification of approval from the department.

1.    Register for internship

2.    Request internship approval from ISSC using the ISSC CPT eform

·         You will need to upload documents to ISSC – they are stated on their CPT web page

·         Please note ISSC may request additional document(s)

a.                A letter from your faculty/chair – Thesis students

b.               A letter from the department – contact your academic advisor for this letter

Student will pick up new I-20 from ISSC when notified it is available

Required Post CPT Report

After the internship period ends, a minimum two-page report is required before a grade and credit is given. Please see the RAS CPT report cover page for instructions on what should be included in the report. The final report should be submitted to the Industry supervisor for comments and approval and to your thesis chair for approval if you are a thesis student.  The report and cover sheet should be emailed to your assigned academic advisor for the Graduate Program Chair to review. Failure to receive this report will result in a failing grade, which will impact your GPA.

RAS Post CPT report and cover page